Monday, October 31, 2005

'appy 'alloween

It's cold. and wet.

Not Halloween weather unless you are a Londoner, I guess. ;?)

Kids will be arriving in minivans shortly, costumes hidden under puffy jackets, to rush a few doors at a time and hop back into the relative warmth of the Dodge.

"What are you dressed as, honey?"

"I'm dressed as a goosebump. Gimme th' lucre."
If memory serves, I dressed as a bat for several years. black garbage bag. staples. hole in the top.

Maybe I'll make bat costumes for my girls in a few years time. for nostalgia. and to be 'hopelessly uncool', as every good parent must be sometimes. -chuckle-

I suppose I'll tape them up and down in reflective strips, too. It's a different age...


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