Thursday, October 27, 2005

five things

five visible things you can see about me

  1. left-handed (visible ink smudges from writing, almost total incompetence with right hand)

  2. 53 gray hairs and increasing

  3. has no poker face for masking disdain, contempt, utter contempt and incredulity. but i'm really trying. :?)

  4. many small scars worn with prrride. no timid life for this fellah!

  5. have a radio voice and a T.V. accent

five invisible things about me

  1. lived and travelled many many places. can express dismay in greek, french, mandarin and just a little arabic.

  2. have the best family I could want. i wouldn't even trade in my brother.

  3. am a daddy (okay, gray hairs gave it away a little). little girls are just about the most wonderful thing ever. better than ice cream-- which they steal.

  4. love to cook for people, omakasi. you'll love it. trust me.

  5. chokes up a little during anthem, and really wishes people would sing it without all the freelancing.


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