Friday, October 21, 2005

I'm on, baby. Yeaaah!

Zabadawooo! Here I am, The official the last person to join blogger nation. Until the next last person starts. Ah well, I've always had a fondness for being 'not-quite-last'.

My particular (and short) fame in HS x-country was avoiding last-place finishes with a grim determination. The other guys had real ability. I had an emergency switch- "In case of impending humiliation, break glass, turn on additional speed."

So I 'finished well.' 'Good strong kick in the last 200 meters.' Thanks coach. That's what I do.


Funny enough, they used my picture in the yearbook flashing a #1 sign after finishing 34th by a nosehair. My buddy, 33, is beside me also thrilled to be '#1'.

I really was just overjoyed our team finished first in city that day. truly.

Well, so the lesson is work hard, run like you're scared, finish strong. Good things will follow. ;?)


So welcome to my crazy-person place- because you have to be a little crazy to ramble out into the void. You know that, right? ;?p

Next time you see a crazy babbling on the street, he's probly just blogging wireless.

Thought: notice how many cell users strike unnatural poses while they are listening on those tiny ear pieces. Head dangling slightly. Glazed far-away look. Lips moving...Yep. Crazies. or zombies.


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