Saturday, November 26, 2005

Baby watch: T-minus 2 weeks...or any time really

Thanksgiving came and Thanksgiving went. No baby.

The staff at jer, uh...ME! had a pool going with many thinking a Thanksgiving birth would be just the sort of goofballery to expect from one of Jeremy's kids.

c'est la.

It was not to be.

So instead we gave thanks for not having to rush off with a, "Save me a drumstick!!!"

By the by, the Martha Stewart 2004 brine worked marvelously. I guess no one is wholly e-vil. -cackle-

So, well D-day (D for delivery) is now two weeks away, but the smart money says we'll be in before then.

Momma is carrying a lot of amniotic fluid, so water breakage is highly likely.


Jeremy fondly remembers a day, some 41 months ago when he was stirred from his slumber by beating hands and an urgent "We gotta go, my water broke!"

Calm, methodical, asleep Jeremy went through the steps-

*mumble mumble* "Is it just a little leak? 'cause in childbirth class they said-"

"No, it's not a leak. The bed is soaked! Get UP!"

*mumble mumble* "'kay, 'kay 'm getting up. Lemme pack th' bag."

"It IS packed. You are the only thing not ready to GO!"


Well, it all worked out pretty well that time. Don't fix it if it's not broken, says I. -chuckle-

Now, if I can just remember the breathing sequence. I think it was something like-

"... --- ... / ... --- ..."

That sounds about right...*g*


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