Saturday, November 26, 2005

Black Friday Kabuki

I seem to, ah, have missed out on the Black Friday Kabuki this year.

Strange how when you make your own x-mas gifts all the hubbub, brouhaha and higgledy-piggledy suddenly just seem a tad foolish. :?)

But, tireless railer against all things consumer-ish, I couldn't help but comment...

Some more inventive (but less vocabulose!) blogger called the day-after-thanksgiving run on the stores "Black Friday Kabuki".

I like that. Fits nicely into my view of this whole consumer thing. We must go through the ritual, symbolic motions of buying our way through any special occasion.

That the news itself is merely a form of artificial drama that is covering another artifical drama is just too dizzyingly wonderful!

Yet for all that, I may be just a little sad I didn't get my $10 I-pod *tearing up a little*

I hope someone who really cares about me braved the savage sales and got me one! *weg*



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