Saturday, November 05, 2005

a mandate on a mission

Now that my administration has exactly 1 more vote than not, I will use this mandate to bring accountability back to blogging.

We here at jer,uh...ME! will blog not only what is on Jeremy's mind, but what is right. EVEN if Jeremy is not in his right mind at the time!

{Our staff ethicists are currently working out how that's gonna square. }


Seriously (what?) - Now that I am a seasoned hand at this random thought stuff (who's he kidding!), I've reached that mid-life crisis where we bloggers--can you feel me, brethren and sistren?--begin to question what our place is in the firmament.

A blog would seem to need to be about something identifiable enough to attract and hold the attention of would-be return customers.

N'est pas?

...and there are much smarter, better-read, more politically informed folk out there doing great stuff. I go to their sites to get my fix. You probably do too. ;?)

My hope for jer, uh...ME! is that this will be a little sliver of ginger to chew on in between gulps of the heftier stuff.

Yup, I wanna be the palate cleanser of the blogsmic sushi bar.

So as you conveyor-belt your way through the news of the day and attend to your passions, do pause and partake of our sweet, spicy, pickled ramblings and jet off again maybe just a little renewed and ready for another hunk of unagi.



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