Thursday, November 03, 2005

mit schprinkles!

got a coffee. comfort for a cold rainy day - a very traditional sort of thing for the northwest; both coffee and rain.

I slurped the mocha yum yum and what to my wandering taste buds did appear?.....sprinkles!

Okay, good coffee is not a sprinkle-adorned sort of thing (though a dollop of whiskey-laced whipped cream on top is very nice). But this was not really good coffee. This was coffee-on-the-go. with chocolate and milk contaminants. and sprinkles.

The sprinkles were a little unlooked-for reminder (as if wind and pelting rain were not) that we have entered sprinkle-season. Christmas is on the way. Winter and m-m-maybe snow?!

Last year was dry and sad - no real winter, not much snow on the mountain.

So hooray for those sprinkles- both rainy and coffee-bedecked varieties. May they both be harbingers of a white Christmas.

" small proportions we just beauties see,
and in short measures, life may perfect be."


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