Wednesday, November 09, 2005

statler or waldorf?

El Corporal says...

"Jer, this unique look into your deeper psyche leaves me feeling... deeply disturbed. ;)

Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen, the one and only TANGENT MAN has
returned to us!!!" ;) -- El Corporal!


Naturally, mein freud. er, freund.

The posters are alternately my id (whom you know so well as TM) and my ego. The voice of restraint...yup, superego.

*shakes fist at those superego crêpe-sucking de-Gualists in jeremployee relations*

We (meaning I - superego establishment type speaking here) try to maintain a delicate balance of ego expression and id surpression, but sometimes the ids get all riled up and go burning Peugeots to the ground. metaphorically speaking, of course. -sagely nod-

*catches other self reminiscing about family car in 80's and the many almost burnt-to-the-ground occasions*

...would you guess? - yes, it was a brown Peugeot. nasty thing. french engineers somehow managed to make attitude a car feature. french attitude. ~~shudder~~ :?P

now they're making french fry holders standard. where will the madness end?!? frenched Peugeots with french fry holders??? is that the ends of invention?!!



*actually, ego rather fancies frenched headlights*

*id really wants french fries right now.*


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