Tuesday, December 06, 2005

i am a bottle of disclosure

One of my co-workers was grilling me this morning about the impending baby--

Do we want a diaper service? What is the name? What sorts of stuff do we have already?
The interrogation goes on...
I am so in the mode of deferring to the mom-to-be's needs that my reflexive answer is 'Whatever momma wants.'Those of you who have been or been with very-expectant mothers may relate to the "what the mom wants, she gets" stage.

Now is not the time to break ranks and insert my own "this is the way I think we should do its". I am there to facilitate and be supportive. I am there to do what small things a man can do to ease the coming into the world process.

And the most significant thing I can do to assist is keep my yap shut. :?p

You may have to have been there to appreciate this, but even the things I think I know (world round, orbits sun) I am circumspect about when asked. Because tomorrow may bring a different executive finding. And woe-betide the me who has foolishly asserted otherwise in public.

So, my answers these days sound a lot the kind of stuff you hear on the Russert show.

Said co-worker labeled me a bottle of disclosure. I wonder what that means? :?P


At 11:28 AM, Blogger Sarah said...

So, where is that baby??

At 11:36 AM, Blogger Jeremy said...

We are mystified too. :-)

Like the rapture-predicters standing outside at “the moment”, we were sure it should have happened by now. For my best guess why not, see-



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