Tuesday, December 20, 2005

the puppet-masters

-blissful sigh-

Well, Mira's mind-control spores have started to come in and we are now rapturously in love with her.

The first week or so with a new baby is full of tenderness, but in some ways it's hard to connect to this little wrinkly critter in a human love way. Fortunately, they have these mind-control spores that come off the tops of their heads that usually kick in pretty fast.

Once those are in, you coo and give little kisses and sniff the head and look at eachother during the few minutes baby is sleeping and say 'it is all worth it' and 'aren't they so cute.'

Our family is coming together and all is good. :?)

This is what the puppet-masters would like you to think, because it distracts us from detecting their plots for world domination.

-sniff- -sniff-

Ahhh, sporesssss.....


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