Thursday, December 15, 2005

sleep? there is no sleep.

"...and the night, seemed to last as long as
six weeks on Paris island."

- Billy Joel, Goodnight Saigon

This is sometime on Thursday I think. The clock on my computer is lying to me. I used to go to bed hours after this time. Now I cannot remember what restfulness feels like.

Somewhere in my physical memory I remember this feeling. The one that fades in time, ensuring humans don't stop procreating at one. Must be a species survival trait, or each generation would be half the size of the last. heh

I am blogging now because I seem to have reached a temporary lull in my duties, but not long enough to get some sleep or anything else.

In a minute I will be sterilizing pump parts again. I can do this with my eyes closed by now-- which is mostly how I am doing everything.


Parts sterilyzed. formula warmed. baby fed. parts re-sterilyzed.

9.8 seconds!!! WOOO!!!

I am the Indy pit crew of this operation. I cherish my role, because it is what I can do. In my hands sleeping babies wake, dry babies wet, happy babies cry.

Some sort of deranged Midas thing in exchange for the total fulfillment of being a parent.

More later from the land of nod...


At 1:56 PM, Blogger El-Corporal! said...

I... can't... wait.

Let us know if you need any emergency play dates for the Sarah-monster.

Good luck, and get some strong coffee.

At 3:50 PM, Blogger Jeremy said...

strong coffee sounds nice - but benadryl would help my cold AND make me more sleepy.

Probably not good for attending to my duty tho... ;?p


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