Monday, December 26, 2005

that yuletide feeling

-hack wheeze cough-

Well, it wouldn't be Christmas if I didn't have a cold. Seems like I caught every last bug that came sweeping through last year- including the California A strain.

This year is just Part Deux.

For all my hand-wringing about matters politic, I imagine I'm more likely to be taken by the killer flu than hooded thugs in the night.


Christmas was scads of fun this year. Extra exciting with a new baby in the house and my dad over to share breakfast and stockings.

The missus and I must have both shared the vision of sugar plums, for we gave eachother several identical stocking stuffers.

Now if we can use this power of ours to wipe out global poverty, or hunger or something... ;?p

It was also my privilege to buy Sarah a special gift from daddy - a princess gown right from Cinderella. I suppose I could muse on being part of the wheels that turn and turn and end up with daughters wanting to be the princess in their own fairytale wedding...

...but I'd much rather just smile to myself as she immediately insisted on shedding her other garb and stepping into the bustle.

-happy sigh-

Well, what's wrong with fairytales?


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