Wednesday, January 18, 2006

how ya like me now?

Well faithful reader, I have not been terribly faithful with everyday posting. Impossible of course in a full life, but one tries.

I do hope the new banner has provided some stimulating photons to keep you dazzled and wondering, 'what magic!'

My underdeveloped technological skills do lend themselves to creating art with primitive tools (MS Paint and PowerPoint, alas!)

There's a sort of brutal excitement in mashing some nice images together and making something halfway cool (at least, when not looked at up close). Then forcing them into this nice tight little Blogger template in place of soothing out-of-focus flora.

It's a dissonance that nicely fits in with the mood of a household raising a fresh child.

The anime kids in the drawing are supposed to be Kari and Me on a motorbike racing along at breakneck speed. The background is some Hubble picture or another.

Your gov'ment dollars at work for my entertainment. ;?p

At any rate I am back up to full speed teaching, so you may get used to spurts of entries coming out every couple of days when I'm not batch-drafting and trickling them out.


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