Sunday, February 05, 2006


watched the game today. Good stories for the victors. I root for good stories, stand-up players and close games. Makes me a pretty fickle "fan", but I'm consistent to me. :?)

Whatever happened in Detroit this evening, the real winners were Kari and me and all the others who've been to the Hesse exhibit at the Portland Art Museum this weekend and through the rest of its stay in Stumptown.

Another collection of great stories as we got to tour a large part of the private art collection of the house of Hesse.

The star of the lot was the Holbein Madonna. really. I was one loose shoelace away from making her acquaintance. in the flesh. *g*

My liberal arts education is a bit rusty, but this is a significant thing. Despite adorning every art book extant and having its own footnote in art history one just does not get to see the Holbein. ever. It is privately owned.

Yet there it was. no plexi. no sneezeguard.

Whatever forces brought it to Portland (it is not a touring exhibit) I can not fathom. Perhaps the Schnitzers or Vollums and their mighty elbows. -rub rub-

But I am inclined to just be thankful and be happy that I got to take my woman to see it. I am rapidly running out of marvels to bestow on her. The Holbein for her thirty----th birthday. I suppose I shall have to rediscover the dodo for the next birthday or just fall back on diamonds -yawwwwn-

If you can get down to the Portland Art Museum, the Hesse exhibit will be there through March 19. There are also also several gorgeous Winterhalter portraits in the exhibit. Seems rather sad to be mentioning them in passing. They would be the stars of the show if something could be done about that unfortunate Holbein. ;?p


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