Thursday, March 16, 2006

thank you, my kami

Am reading Shogun at the moment.

One of the words that pops up again and again in the book is kami. Characters invoke the kami or "guardian spirits" of their families. Well there are many kinds of kami, but it is the "guardian spirit" I like at the moment.

Writing like this with you, my invisible kami readers, is very comforting in turbulent times. You are out there, looking in on me from time to time and sharing a kind word.

It may seem an odd thing, but I don't really long for much more than the occasional comment that you already lend.

Instead of managing an onslaught of regular commentators, I can attend to each appearance. I don't have to dread the obligation of responding to an inbox full of messages. You remain rewarding little surprises in my day.

Well, so thank you, my kami. It is nice having you out there.

domo arigato gozaimashita


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