Wednesday, April 19, 2006

book recommendation

I had a good day yesterday. Good in an unsual way. In a 'something comes along that really affects you' way.

I attended a lecture last night for class: Transacting Black Identity in Everyday Life.

The speaker was Dr. William E Cross Jr. from City University of New York.

And I feel totally inadequate to describe how totally engrossing and transforming this short short 2 hours we had was.

I think the best I can do is to issue my high recommendation - in the way we may sometimes hand a friend a book we've read with high praise.

Whoever you are you will be better and wiser and more fulfilled for taking any opportunity you create to listen to this man speak. You will learn something about yourself. It is not his art at speaking, but the absolute beauty and power of the content of his thinking. Doesn't matter if you are particularly or marginally interested in the topic.

Keep your ears tuned and eyes open for his name: Dr. William E. Cross Jr. and for his subject - psychology, identity, personality, african-americanism.

Here's a link to his recent speaking engagement at PSU and his bio is at the bottom.

Go see! :?)


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