Monday, April 24, 2006

rage renewed

It has been awhile since my ire has boiled over at this administration. I've been on slow simmer, redirecting my energy to raising kids, but it is time again to say what I feel.

60 Minutes hosted a piece last night on CIA officer Tyler Drumheller.

The short of it is he was a central figure in the run-up to the war. He ran our covert operations in Europe-- He saw the bogus Niger-Uranium papers early on. He debriefed the Iraqi Foreign Minister on WMD. He wasn't a low-level analyst whose information was narrow.

The old news is there was no WMD. The old news is there were conflicting intel views. The new news is not surprising, but it is breathtaking.

Go check out the transcript of the interview and decide for yourself what you believe.

Why aren't impeachments proceeding? Republican-led committees who will never permit the truth to come out.

Where is the tipping point? Where does it become impossible to keep resisting what is so absolutely clear - the bad faith and the lies of this government to its people. before. during. after. now.


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