Monday, May 15, 2006

trust us, you are one of the good guys...

"Trust us, you are one of the good guys...until we no longer think so."

This is the message your friendly government is now sending. Well, they say the first part, but to hear the second part you need to have the Bush-double standing nearby to mutter.

Link to ABC News getting skittish about wiretapping of reporter calls. Ahhh, smells like a better democracy through fear, intimidation and repression of dissenting voices.

Good times.

At least we still have the internet open and free...until the same phone companies who have happily gifted your call records to the NSA are granted a no-bid contract to own and operate. No doubt there will be a few proviso's about monitoring dissenting blog and email voices.

Only Quest refused to give its records to the Gov. Until there is evidence to the contrary, it sounds like Quest is the moral choice for phone service.

UPDATE: 5:26

Seems the press are all fahred up 'bout sump'n. This one didn't even wait a half-day to get hot.

Imagine that. I was wondering out loud about what it would take to get the press riled up. "Where is the tipping point?" I asked a friend. 'When do the injustices reach critical mass? I blathered something about when the water starts boiling around their rights.

Well now, looks like we got a reg-U-larr jee-q-zee! :?p

Should be an 78 RPM week for the spindoctors...


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