Sunday, June 11, 2006

if the roadies don't mind...

So I am blogging to postpone (just a little bit lo-o-nger) work on my final paper of the term.

I may have to go get a soda in a minute, too. So many things to do...

It has been a fun class and one of the best. Most of my training seems to have taken the long road in reshaping how I think. This latest, while doing that too, also broke out into immediate application.


It is a Sunday and the sun is shining. My porch is swept clean. My trees are sighing. My strawberries are growing so fast, I can practically hear them.

Or is that the sound of the squirrels munching on my strawberries I hear?

The little rodents made short work of my bulbs last year. Now they are nabbing my fruit just as it nears ripeness.

Squirrels [5] Jeremy [1]

One critter bit the dust the other day, cause unknown, and I buried it in my strawberry patch. Seemed fitting.

Squirrels [5] Jeremy [1] Strawberries [1]

I've never been a farmer, but now that I have a few square yards I feel a part of the fraternity. With all the pride and protectiveness.

I reckon that's enough avoidance of responsibility for now. More later... ;?p


At 9:50 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jeremy - I'm searching for the bank or song title that you plagarized your blog intro from "if the roadies don't mind". did a google search and it gave me your site. Do you know the band or song title? if so, please email me at

thanks in advance

At 10:17 AM, Blogger Jeremy said...

Rick -

Jackson Browne - Running on Empty album - Stay


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