Wednesday, June 21, 2006

my roof doth magnify the lord

Was driving past a mega-church with a friend a while back (different friend than from the durian disaster).

We both ooh'd at the acres and acres of copper roofing on the monstrosity. The thing positively gleamed.

Can you see it from space? Well, at least God knows where that church is.

She said, "How can they spend so much on a roof?! Aren't there missions they could be funding???

I agreed and surmised the goal was to attract nearby highway-goers as they sped by at 70--

"Ooh! Shiny temple! Let's stop and go in, honey!"

Here it is up close.

Then I felt the words of the noble Magnificat swell and take song, "...My roof doth magnify the looooord!"

For just a moment, the acoustics in my '90 Accord LX were almost perfect. I wonder if I should add a copper roof... -snicker-

Well it was a moment for two high church loonies. We both cracked up.



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