Wednesday, June 14, 2006

singin' fool

Went up Washington way yesterday with boss other trainers and learn-ded us a few things.

We all have high levels of yellow (Insights) energy, so we drove all the way singing songs.

Great car songs:

Gordon Lightfoot (If You Could Read My Mind! -- but it's ALL singable)

Clancy Brothers (Gypsy rover and other irish traditionals)

Jackson Browne (Runnin' on Empty, Staaaaaay just a little bit longer!)

Journey (Do-o-on't stop believin'....admit it, we all pretend we can hit the high notes like Steve Perry)

Talking Heads (so we can warble the low stuff like David Byrn)

Billy Joel (but MAN does he have a lot of tortured songs...)

Garfunkel and that other guy (Koda-chro-o-o-o-me...)

Eagles (But only if Joe Walsh and Timothy B. Schmidt get their time!)


What ones do you like to sing in the car / shower / anyplace you think nobody is listening but are probably wrong? :?p


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