Wednesday, August 30, 2006

muff 'n miff

Picked up a muffin to nibble on and had to chip my way through the sugar cap on top.

Why do people do this?

I mean, I know why. But WHY?

Delicious muffin underneath. Loaded with nuts and fruit. Loaded with fat too.

And yet this is not enough virtue. The formula for sales must be:

1. Take good ingredients.
2. Labor to find the maximum taste & texture combination for the diner.
3. Lose faith in the product
4. Dump a bunch of crap on top that makes it catch the eye, but reduces the enjoyability of the experience and self-fulfills fear that product is less-than-perfect.


I want to go to a bakery now. Just eat something right from the baker's inspiration. No marketing guy. No sales guy. No need for preservatives.


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