Friday, August 18, 2006

the wild geese are calling


My mind has been racing ever since my return from SIIC.

I've been turning my newly milled lens on my world and everywhere I see new possibilities. Not simply random ideas, but new understanding of the energies and motivational forces.

I must sound like I'm full of it, but really it's been more unsettling than boastful.

An unintended consequences of seeing with greater clarity is having to confront my own choices with that same vision.

I'm most of the way through a degree in adult learning, but I know I don't really want to do it. Oh, I want to earn the credential and be more employable. I want to finish and prove to the heavens that I am worthy. But I've exhausted the true motivation in it.

I want to extend my thematic work, my electives, to keep developing as an interculturalist and educator. Not to slog through 'history of 20th century high school education' or whatever.

I made some choices as an undergraduate to finish off the degree within reach. To do the "employable" thing. And I've spent the last 10 years finding my way out of that mediocre wilderness and back into passion.

It seems as clear to me as the wild geese calling as they flew over my house this morning.

If I go toward my passion, it will be a life well-lived. Passion attracts. Passion instigates. Passion leads to things. So, if I can cling to that certainty in lieu of true courage, I am about to enter a very interesting time...

Stay tuned and ask me how it goes. --goosebumplies--


At 12:59 PM, Blogger Sarah said...

GO get the passion!!

At 4:58 PM, Blogger Jeremy said...

I'm a'going! Met with the advisor. Scary-exciting. :?)

PS - did you read the pun entry before this...?

Linoleum Blownapart! -rotflmao-

It's like interrupting cows. It never gets old for me. :?p


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