Sunday, November 05, 2006

let's conspire...

"My life,
You electrify my life,
Let’s conspire to,
Ignite all the souls,
that would die just to feel alive."

– Lyrics from the song “Starlight” by Muse

A ha, once more jer, uh...ME! is writing a paper for school. At some point I imagine I'll need to publish this stuff because I am becoming less enamored with laborious citation et al.

If there is irony in this life, I am in its clutches as I try to describe innovative thought in a constrained, ill-matched structurally, standardized sort of way.

I think I am actually losing my mind over it as I try to let my thoughts take wing while reigning them in and losing the essential point in the cramming of square pegs.

Alas. We all have such burdens. At least I am grappling with this one instead of a dull half-life without challenge.

That was supposed to make me feel better. :?p

I put up the Muse lyric above because it is the soul of what I am writing about with diversity councils and full-membership and action-orientation and representation and a million other details that are their own versions of bringing icarus back down to earth.

At the heart of this diversity thing, I am really just trying to be the co-conspirator to help electrify the lives of others and ignite passion.

Maybe I'll go down this musical path a ways as I get into my thesis. Seems like music strikes more deeply and quickly than just about anything else (chocolate excluded). How to bring it into the delivery of core feelings and attitudes around interculturalism. Hmm. I've got some reading and some listening to do...


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