Friday, January 20, 2006

i don't have a title in me

Another class finished, another work week done. I am looking forward to tossing my woman onto the back of my bike and speeding off for parts unknown.

Well, at least for an hour or so (pesky kids). in a 4-door. don't own a bike.

It'll be a nice antidote for the post-class blues I need to shake off.

It's mostly just fatigue anyhow and I'll be over it soon. One of the more lousy compromises with teaching corporate education is the condensed 1-day, 2-day, 3-day classes. It's like enduro-education. Quick, get your powerbar sponsored jersey cause we're gonna cram ya full until the project manager finds out where you've been slumming and pagers you away from us with some emergency or another.

I really like the kinds of depth you can create with a whole day of uninterrupted classtime, but it's also a constant fight with the physiological reality: people don't learn very well when confined for long periods.

So here I am rachetting up my engagement factor, playing aggressive music beats during breaks, shovelling monosaccharides into them to abate flagging energy and keep tired minds just open enough to lay some time-delay learning bombs (student wakes up at 2AM, wondering what instructor meant by ______!?!)

Maybe I'll thesis on something like how to break the suicide pact of condensed education (can't rightly call it learning) at work for professionals. Something like extending learning over some period of weeks with practice and reflection time threaded throughout and chunked out modular instruction for 2 hours max at one sitting.

Gawd that would bore me to tears to do the research. Would probably make the career university faculty judges howl with glee and heap praises.

Maybe I'll thesis on the decline of applied adult learning theory in university classrooms for continuing education and advanced curriculum in the discipline of adult learning. That would be wildly entertaining to research. Might get terrific response if cloaked in guise of study on methane production in office of the Chancellor. ;?)

Hmm, I just realized I finished another writing class today. I wonder if this funk thing correlates with this writing class. Hang on....


Okay, I went back. Certainly had some post-class stuff back here, but nothing conclusive. Some classes jazz. Some sap.

This then, would seem to be one of the latter at the moment. :?)


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