Thursday, February 15, 2007

how you doin'?

Yeesh. Where do I start.

Hmm, January 12 I began my Master in Intercultural Relations. Two-week residency, classes with cohort morning, noon, night. Will repeat each semester, followed by furious reading and paper-writing. Thesis after.


This is quite a different animal from my freewheeling days as an indepent Ed. masters student, taking one class a term.

Back from residency, or rather off to. I left the day after classes ended on a week-long trip to China. Training in Beijing for company I.T. staff. Everyone flew in to Beijing from the corners of the earth. Was wonderful. Stressful. Exhilarating. Stomach-churning. Satisfying.

Took all my 'powers', and was largely successful in the adaptations I brought to these diverse sessions.

Three duck dinners. The good, the bad and the ugly. Each new group of students went out to a duck banquet. Very cool. Very tasty. As nominal chairman of the whole shee-bang, I had a certain duty to attend all the meals. One duck dinner is a thrill, no duty required. Two is amusing. Three in five days is a chore. A fun chore, but definitely an obligation. I think my arteries are 10 years older.

Am back now in P-land and diving into homework.

As for posting? Well, I will try. Maybe look for me weekly more than daily. And email is always returned. :?)

Catch ya around,