Friday, January 05, 2007

1-800-stick it to the man!

I am starting a new label: conscious consumerism track my comments on being a more intentional, conscious participant in the great soul-sucking economy.

This week: The secret price guarentee doesn't want you to use.

Here's how it works.

1. You swallow your distaste and decide you must purchase from Amazon because no preferable alternatives are practical.

2. You buy your widget.

3. Prices fluxuate all the time. If the price of your widget at Amazon falls during the next 30 days, you can recover the difference using their 30-day price guarentee policy.

Note: If prices go up, you do not have to pay anything (and presumably would not call anyway)

Note: This is not a price matching policy. If the widget costs cheaper somewhere else, Amazon doesn't care.

4. Call customer-service number: 1-800-201-7575; to get a human right away, dial extension 7—ask him/her about that 30-day price guarantee..


Wednesday, January 03, 2007


Hear about GOOD magazine yet?

I caught a bit on NPR. Sounds cool if they manage to stay on the straight and narrow.

Here's the premise--

People (WE!) are starting to exercise our discretion more about purchasing organic, local, and other socially & ecologically responsible products.

GOOD magainze trades on the idea that concerned people will want to know about businesses and products that are doing "good."

So, for a subscription fee, you get a magazine that exposes you to a greater circle of conscientious choices.

And the subscription fee is 100% donated to charity (you choose from a list).

Sound GOOD?

Hopefully. I am off today to pick up an issue at Barnes & Noble. I haven't found much goodness yet on their web page, so I am going to check out the paper copy.

I will let you know how it goes.

jer, uh...ME!


Tuesday, January 02, 2007

new ears resoluation

Merry New Ye-ah!

Apologies for being gone so long. I shall resolve to post again more frequently this new year.

As I start thinking about all the resolutions I want to pursue this year, I am reminded that resolving to be a Ghandi or Mother Teresa like figure tomorrow is DOA.

No body (including me) is going to quit their live fora sanctified one cold turkey. Too much physical memory to can all at once. Too much pressure to be perfect.

I started out this blog with some poetry. The last line reminds us, "...and in small measures, life may perfect be."

The key is not to make sweeping resolutions to be better one time a year, but to make repeated, small commitments all year round.

As you resolve yourself, think about making it your intent to make a weekly resolution. If you fail, the next week offers a fresh chance at renewal and new success.

Benjamin Franklin, a rather productive fellow, organized his life around weekly cycles. Each week he would focus on one of his values to live by and emobdy.

What will be your focus this week?

Jer, uh...ME's focus this week: Organizing my clutter in office and home.